The Wandering II Compilation

We continue our journey into sound with the Wandering II compilation. This set celebrates the 20th release in the original SS series. A journey that took over a year to compile and prepare. The tracklist is comprised of friends and artists who share a connection with Silent Season through their music.

[ 1 ]
Sonitus Eco
Birds of Prey
Brother Blue
[ 2 ]
Brando Lupi
Hidden Element
Michal Wolski
Alfredo Mazzilli
[ 3 ]
As If
Martin Schulte
Mr Zu

The Wandering Compilation is named after the Wandering tree, a Big Leaf Maple that grows very slowly near the beach by my house. I sit under this tree to ponder and watch the ocean. It’s a favourite place to relax with music and contemplate life.

It’s under this tree that the idea of compiling a series of music that embodies the Silent Season vision and sound was born. We welcome you to sit back, close you’re eyes and listen to the sounds of the Wandering II compilation.

The special edition triple pack CD compilation featuring 27 tracks totalling 3.5 hours of deep mind expanding sounds. Each 3xCD package includes stickers sent with love from Vancouver Island.

Available at Bandcamp

“Most people associate techno with the mechanical. The genre's automated thump evokes images of futuristic machinery or, at least, the hardware and computers used to make it. Silent Season flips that script. The British Columbia label has always shrouded its techno in a naturalist aesthetic inspired by the beauty of the Vancouver Island region, whose picturesque landscapes adorn every Silent Season release. It isn't just a matter of slapping photos on cardboard sleeves, though. The style seeps into the roots of Silent Season, defining its earthy textures and damp atmospherics. Primarily known as a dub techno label, over time Silent Season has matured to encompass more abstract forms of the genre as well as ambient music. The Wandering II, Silent Season's second compilation, uses three discs to explore every nook and cranny of this expansive sound.” ~ RA

Resident Advisor /

In a world rife with chaos there is so much beauty that can be found by in nature. The aim of the Wandering compilation is to share music that encourages people to take notice of their natural surroundings and find peace within Mother Nature. The love of nature is a common language that transcends political and social boundaries. Through music, nature gives us universal purpose.

No matter what happens, keep moving forward step by step. No one can stop you from making progress. Always move forward. Perseverance Furthers.
Michael Mantra (1950-2014)

Mastered by Anders Peterson at GS Mastering & Post
Dedicated to Michael Mantra

Compiled by Jamie McCue
Photography by Jamie & Danthon
[SS20] Silent Season 2015

Thank you to all the artists for making this compilation possible
The original wandering

Silent Season 2015